Life as Dale.

Earlier today a friend of mine asked if I had ever considered having a blog. The answer to that question: Many times, and of course I had a few at various points in my life. The real question was why I don’t currently have a blog. The answer? To put it simply every time I have a blog I never know where I’m going with it, i.e. what the heck do I write about?

For me, every time I’ve had a blog it never stays cohesive. I have posts about my life, photography, home living, what I believe to be fashion, etc. As I approach the “real world” and attempt to get my life into relative order I’m also trying to become more specific on what I focus on.

Rather than constantly wondering what people will like or what sounds the most like my favorite bloggers, I came to an epiphany (a rather obvious one at that). If I have a blog about anything, it would probably be about me. I’m not an expert on design, fashion, or the like. But me, I know best. Keeping in mind this all came to me at January 5 at 12:56 AM so I might not think the same thing when I wake up later…

So I’ll right about my experiences, my ups, and probably not as much my downs, and it’ll be an interesting ride. I am not perfect and I am nowhere close, but this is me.

This is life as Dale.


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