January 5, 2014.

1:01 AM.

Yesterday while watching Bride Wars I considered the idea of going to law school. Honestly I don’t really know why, but I’m thinking it had to do because Kate Hudson’s character is a lawyer. Odd thing is, I’m not really swayed by Kate Hudson—although she did play a journalist in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I digress.

Between my unexpected yet fleeting desire to become a lawyer and be lying in bed trying to fall asleep (closer to the latter), I thought about why I want to be a writer. Although just this moment I countered that thought with the fact that I am a writer. So the new question poses itself: Why do I [want to] write?

It’s a common question I get when I tell people I’m majoring in journalism and want to go into magazines. If I were answering specifically about magazine journalism, I’d have a completely different answer as opposed to answer, “What do you want to do as a writer?”

I love to tell stories. Whether it’s telling someone else’s stories or my own, I simply love it. I write for Neon Tommy, an online publication covering the Entertainment section where I typically write about celebrity news. When I’m not writing for NT, I enjoy going over everyday life experiences.

Writing is an art form. If you look at it as the most basic definition of “art,” writing is something that leads the reader to change perspectives on things.  I’m not trying to make other people believe the same things I do, not at all. However, I want to reach people in a way I can’t in any other way. If it’s fiction or not, I have always said that when I write, I want others to feel what I’m feeling; If I can get to that point one day in my life, I will feel like an accomplished writer.


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