Big News!

As I mentioned in the last post, I got a pretty kickin’ writing gig, but I never mentioned what exactly it was.

Well, let me tell you!

You are now reading the blog of the newest Contributing Editor for You, Me & Charlie (applause!) !!!

You, Me & Charlie, or “Charlie,” as they like to call it, is a website/blog founded by actress Dianna Agron. It’s a site for sharing cool things like music, artists, videos, and all things creative. Hey, you might even find a rare bird or two there.

Any who, I am very excited to announce to you (all one of you who reads this, that is) that I am now writing for them! In general I’m just very excited and blessed to have the opportunity to do anything like this. I get to share with all these wonderful people things that I think a pretty cool and worth telling the world about.

I wrote my first post about Justin Vernon’s band Volcano Choir. You can clickity click on over here to check it out, it’s on the front page (which I also personally think is incredibly awesome). If you want, you can even read my lovely author bio when you click on my name.

This is all new to me, but my excitement is getting the better of me (if you read my texts they contain “yeeeeee” and lots of exclamation points). I guess it’s feeling like I’m taking that first step into the real world and doing what I’ve always wanted to do that gives me a sort of glowing sensation.

I’m just smiling and happy all over. Hooray!

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