Spring Breaks

There are plenty of Spring Break trips. To view a full and accurate list, head on over to BuzzFeed.

From the beach trip and ski trip to the service trip and the vacation-at-home trip, I know at least one person who participated in every single type of spring break vacation you can think of.

So what did I do this Spring Break? I traveled across the country to New York City. I also went home for a portion of it as well, since my mother misses me dearly and I miss my bed (okay, I missed my family–in particular my dogs–too).


There’s a part of me that plays around with the idea of taking one of the all-too classic beach trips, but then I remind myself that if I wanted to be surrounded by thousands of bumbling, half-naked, drunk people I can just go to a fraternity party. Not that I think it’s a poor choice of a vacation–it is part of the idealized vision of college life (right?).


I ventured out of the sunny and warm city of Los Angeles to the Big Apple, and I have to say that it was one of my favorite vacations I’ve experienced. Not only was my best friend there (she’s a student at Columbia University) and also on break, but I simply got the chance to explore a city I’ve only visited twice before.

love locks

I guess part of the reason I loved my spring break so much was because I felt like a young adult exploring the world (which is probably much more literal than I thought when typing that sentence…). My favorite part was definitely walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. I had been wanting to do that for a while. I also nailed down an internship for the summer as well (yeah, that was incredibly exciting as well)!


But anyway, I’m looking forward to knowing the lovely city of New York even better after this summer, and I can’t wait to explore and take pictures while I’m there.

To take a gander at more of my pictures from my spring break, click on over here.


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