Can I Get A ‘Like’?

There’s no doubt about it that in today’s day and age, social media rules our worlds, especially in the Millennial and New Silent Generations (Generations Y and Z respectively).

As a journalism major I hear plenty about how important getting involved with and self-promoting on social media is. With that being said, I’ve started to make my activity levels on my social media accounts a primary focus in my everyday life.

I’ve been taking some pretty good profile picture-worthy pictures of my friends (who ultimately change their pictures to them), and I just recently changed mine, too. In an effort to get the most people to see this new picture, I switched back and forth between my current photo and my most recent one. Somehow, I managed to delete the old one, which was also getting quite the attention (last time I checked it had 163 “likes” on Facebook).

Once I realized that the second was no longer on my Facebook page, part of me kind of freaked out a little. It’s a damn good picture and I JUST got to 163 likes, not intentionally of course. It was a confidence booster for sure, but it was all gone. Within a few minutes I was trying to figure out how to get that picture (with likes all intact) back onto my profile.

I realized that even though I’d love to keep a document of what I looked like a year ago (which is honestly extremely similar to what I look like now. My head is tilted the same way in both pictures, the only difference is that my hair is purple and bigger), I was basing it off of the fact that I had over 100 likes on my profile picture. That made me instantaneously cooler, right? In less than an hour ago, I was more shallow and self-centered than I’ve ever seen myself.

I don’t really like that.

This is the ish that I have with social media and the way it controls my life. With “likes” and “favorites” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I find myself wanting people to see and acknowledge how photogenic or witty I am. Sure, it’s nice that these platforms allow us to keep tabs on each other for the rest of the time we’re all on here, but oftentimes I find myself planning the best time of day to post something to get the most activity (I just try to avoid the extra effort in writing witty tweets).

A lot of us claim that we don’t give a sh*t about what people think, but in reality, we do. I would just like to know if it’s stuff like this that makes us so body-conscious and image-obsessed. Or was that all part of life before social media became a thing?

But my question therefore is, “Is this what life is coming to?” I welcome your thoughts.


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