The Plain White T

DSC_7518editThough I’ve always wanted to write for fashion magazines, I’ve always believed that I am not fashionable enough to tell others what to wear (unless they’re asking for my advice, obvi). However, I do think I know what’s what in the fashion gig, or at the very least I know how to look relatively put-together.

So here I am, about to tell you how to rock the ever-relevant “Plain White T” (I’m only going to make one reference to the band, I promise–and this is it).

The classic white t-shirt comes in many variations, whether that’s in a 6 pack of Fruit of the Loom shirts from the Men’s section at Target or it’s a designer dud like Vince. or James Perse (both fantastic qualities and I recommend everyone buys pieces from them at Nordstrom Rack where you can sometimes afford it).

With these variations, there are a plentiful number of things one can do with these shirts. Tie-dye, dress them up, dress them down, wear them all weekend, sleep in them. The bottom line is: the white t-shirt goes with anything.

Knowing that I was going to be standing in front of a very colorful background, I thought it was only necessary to emphasize it by wearing a very plain outfit: a white t-shirt, mom jeans, and cowboy boots. I suppose I could have done without the cowboy boots…but anyway, I had a little fun with finding decent poses in front of this wall on Fairfax in Los Angeles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what am I showing you here? I’m basically explaining that with a plain and simple outfit, you can do just about anything and not clash–duh.


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