California, I Love You.

If you ever get me started on photography, just know that conversation probably won’t end. If you get me started on film photography, that’s even worse.

I could go on about the quality of film, and how it manages to be timeless. But that’s for another time.

One of the other qualities I love about film is the fact that it takes me so long to finish a roll of film, I forget what I’ve taken pictures of. Here’s the most recent roll for all of you lovely readers to take a look at.

26My friend Casey and I took a trip over to Fairfax Avenue before school ended (same place as seen as in here).

33Somewhere along the way I went to Disneyland with these two crazy kids.

17I started off my summer with a trip to San Francisco and the Bay Area with my mother to visit some family.


My favorite place in San Francisco. Smitten Ice Cream has made-to-order ice cream that has the freshest flavors ever. I highly recommend you all go and get some of it if you’re ever in San Francisco.


Hope everyone is enjoying June, so far! Expect a post about my time in New York City sometime soon!


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