Subway Lessons

I love using the subway–really, I do. I’m already familiar with it and I enjoy the rush of everything. Everyone has somewhere to be, and they’re not wasting time. My pulse actually quickens from walking so hastily from train to train. It also gives me good reading time; I’m currently working on “Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs” by Chuck Klosterman, now that I finished “Wedding Night” by Sophie Kinsella. This is all part of my summer reading I mentioned a while ago.

In New York, you do as the New Yorkers do, and that’s taking the morning commute in none other than the MTA Subway. Some might find it confusing to navigate, but if you know how to read the map, you’re solid. Other than that, there are some things one must know when using the subway.IMG_3567Subways are really smelly.

1. You will need hand sanitizer. I’m not really terrified of germs, but everything they say about the subway being dirty is completely true. All I do is hold onto one of the poles in the subway car and my hand smells like subway for the rest of the day. The cars aren’t grimy. They’re just not necessarily clean. You might want to carry some hand lotion, too. Hand sanitizer tends to dry your skin out. I’ve ditched my “no sandals” rule for the sake of comfort.

2. DO NOT invade other people’s faces and try not to make eye contact. Though they all appear to have vacant stares during the daily commute, they’re secretly judging you for not being aware of the fact that you’re all squished into the cars like sardines.

3. When making transfers, you must walk hastily and with determination. Looking like you most definitely have somewhere to be (and the legitimate power walk) draws less attention to you. Move too slow and you’ll get stuck. Besides, why would you want to spend more time than you have underground in the dirty subway when you can breath (kind of) fresh air?

4. Risk getting the doors closed in on you, I experienced that twice. Though it’s not the most enjoyable feeling, it’s a lot better than waiting around another 4-8 minutes for the next train or missing your stop.

5. Subways aren’t that confusing as long as you know how to navigate a map. I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about–it’s just common sense. Just make sure you know which direction you’re going and you’re good.

The morning commute is kind of fun, it lets me people watch and that’s always a good pass-time. I saw a guy playing 2048 this morning–not exactly my preferred day-starter, but to each his own. Maybe these tips will give you a good idea of how to survive the subway. If anything, you now know how I spend my mornings and evenings.


One thought on “Subway Lessons

  1. Love this..Walk w determination…..Walking in Jerusalem–and NY– is like driving in LA…its most enjoyable when you are proactive-with determination and the slightest bit of aggression. If you drive passively, asking to be let in with your blinker, you will get wherever you are going 20 minutes later than if you “nose in” to create your own open space in traffic. Its not that they don’t want to let you in…its just that, well, quien sabe? The question is, what does “road rage” look like when one is walking?


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