D.C. Adventures

Summer is going by so quickly–before I knew it, it became July. Of course like any American citizen, I started July off with a bang (seriously).

Rather than lighting off bottle rockets or sparklers of my own, I took a little trip down to Washington D.C. with a friend of mine. It only now occurred to me that the title of this post could also refer to my own adventures, whether or not they be in the capital of the United States.

“Of all the weekends you have to go to Washington D.C., you choose the Fourth of July.” 

While that seemed to be the quote of the weekend, it turned out I chose the best weekend to make a visit. The weather was absolutely stunning, according to the family I stayed with. Since Washington D.C. is essentially in a swamp, it’s usually unbelievably humid and swarmed with bugs. Such was not the case with this weekend.


I couldn’t go to Washington D.C. for the first time and not sightsee–especially on the Fourth of July. We hopped around from the Capital to the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to last, but certainly not least, The White House. The evening finished off with timeless Fourth of July fireworks on a rooftop. It was all splendid, but I have to admit that I miss being around friends who go nuts after lighting their own light shows.

Spending the patriotic holiday in the U.S. Capital wasn’t the best part of the weekend though. I hadn’t gotten to experience it yet, but it’s a lot of fun visiting friends who don’t live anywhere near your own hometown.


My friend Alex showed me a few of the places around his hometown, Alexandria, VA that his family goes to, and my visit also gave him a reason to things he doesn’t typically do when he’s home. It’s also interesting just to see where friends grew up. I know I look forward to the day when people visit my hometown (although that always appears so unlikely…not sure why people don’t want to come to Nebraska).

I also got to see a friend of mine from USC who’s from the area, and it’s always great seeing what my peers are doing and where they’re going with their lives. She’s currently interning at Capital Hill. Pretty cool, right?


All in the process of this nonstop traveling, I’ve finished “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs” by Chuck Klosterman. It certainly took me a while, but I’m definitely glad I read it. I don’t know how to summarize it, but essentially it’s a commentary on pop culture and society. I recommend it to anyone who wants a different perspective on life and things we know as “The Real World” or Pamela Anderson vs. Marilyn Monroe.

I quickly moved on to “One More Thing” by B.J. Novak and I’m nearly finished with it in a few days. It’s exactly what the subtitle says, “Stories and Other Stories.” It’s really good, I recommend this one too. It’s great to jump around and read different stories, as well as just quick reads for entertainment.

The next thing I’m planning on reading is “1984” by George Orwell, borrowed from the aforementioned Alex. Keep on checking back to see what my thoughts are on this classic, as well as just what I’m up to now that it’s been half of the summer.



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