Good Times With Good People

There are times when I feel quite spontaneous, and this past weekend was proof of that.

I spent my weekend camping, listening to music at the Hudson Music Project, and twisting my ankle, if that gives you an idea of the series of events that happened. Typically when I go to music festivals with friends or any sorts of activities that involve a large amount of people and the possibility of losing my phone, I don’t bring my digital cameras. Instead, I take the old-school route with a disposable from the drugstore.


I feel the same about disposable cameras as I do about my film photography, in the sense that there’s a large feeling of nostalgia when going through the developed photos and prints. However with the quality of disposable film and the graininess, it seems to be much greater. I’m always taken back to my days at summer camp as a child.

I might be redundant, but I always love seeing what I forgot I’ve taken pictures of.


We rented a car and drove up to Saugerties, New York, which is near Woodstock (and of course we pretended to relive “Woodstock”). When we got there, we attempted to set up camp. However, our tent was broken so we ended up setting up a tarp–it worked out marvelously, except for the fact that we got eaten alive by bugs.


The Hudson Music Project was certainly interesting. The only music festivals I’ve gone to in the past are Lollapalooza, which is on a much larger scale and not in the middle of nowhere. Since it was smaller there was no difficulty getting straight to the front for The Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, and Matt & Kim. Unfortunately the weather rained us out on the last day, so we didn’t get to see STRFCKRS but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?


What I enjoyed the most about this weekend was just spending time with good people. We didn’t spend the entire time at the festival every day, which honestly would have burned me out way more than it already did, and we got to explore the town a little. Whether it was snuggling up to keep warm at night or making Mac n’ Cheese or even shouting the Les Misérables soundtrack on all the way home, it was just great. I can’t speak for everyone who was with me, but I thought it was a good acknowledgement of living the youthful lifestyle?


So cheers, to good times with good people.


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