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This past week was dedicated to school starting, and I’m finally (somewhat) back into a routine. Though classes are only once a week, I’ve managed to keep myself quite busy during the week–but don’t ask me how; I can’t remember. With the free time I did have, my friends and I decided to explore a new part of the city.

After perusing through a BuzzFeed article, we decided on Dalston.

Dalston is a cool, kitschy place. Buzzfeed dubbed it the “hipster” location of London—not entirely sure if I agree with that one. But along the way we came upon Regent’s Canal, where there were houseboats, bicycles, and coffee shops all along the walk. Okay, so maybe it was pretty hipster.






Over the weekend we truly took the concept of “day trip” to heart. Leaving for Cambridge at 8:30 and returning just past midnight, I can genuinely say that it was a day very well spent. Cambridge is a beautiful college town, with such elaborate architecture to go along with it.

In search for the University of Cambridge, we ended up making what felt like two and a half circles around the city. I think I’ve thoroughly seen as much of the area as I possibly could. The weather eventually became a bit too much for us to stay outside for too long, and we ended up stopping in a pub and killed time with board games and onion rings. Though we took two breaks from our lengthy excursion and spent more than plenty of time at each it simply wasn’t enough. By the end of the trip my legs were about to fall off.





And to top off the extended day in Cambridge, it flurried!!! While I may be familiar with epic snowstorms (currently missing the one back in my hometown), these snowflakes were ginormous and quite aggressive—one smacked me right in the eyeball!

With the manic snow clumps aside, it was pretty fun watching two West Coast natives enjoy the snow. The novelty definitely hasn’t worn off for them. But then again, maybe it hasn’t for me either.




– dale


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