exploring london coffee




It’s week three of classes and it still doesn’t feel quite like I’m at school. With classes only occurring once a week, it’s easy to forget the reading assignments I have due at the next session (don’t worry Mom and Dad, I’m still doing my work). Among my time actually doing schoolwork, I saw Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza.

Now that I’ve gotten more of a handle on the type of scheduling I have, I’m making sure that I get to know the city I’m living in. Whether it’s meeting up with other friends or exploring on my own, I’m determined to find good places (with wi-fi of course) for me to get some work done. So far, I’ve had pretty good luck with two places and have yet to find more.




The first place I stopped at was Look Mum, No Hands!, a cafe/bar/bicycle workshop. It’s a pretty cool vibe, if you’re into that stuff. They have everything there—bicycling gear, apparel, food, beer—and the best part is that they’re open late (meaning 10:00 pm; most of the non-pub-y places close at 7 or 8 at the latest). It also makes me want to join the bicycling community (I am so hip *insert bicycling emoji*).

I also found Prufrock Coffee, a place that seems to be more my speed for the day time (they close at 6, and their kitchen closes at 3:30…). It’s a nice spacious environment, and they have lessons that could lead you to an official Coffee Diploma.  If only I were a coffee aficionado, but alas caffeine certainly doesn’t do me any good—I get waaaaaay too jittery.






Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve found places to spend my time outside of my flat, but I’ve also been quite the creative drive as of lately. From graphic designs to building a website or actually having an idea for a story I want to pursue, it feels really good to have some sort of inspiration after such a dry spell. Let’s just hope I can get some results while I’m here.

– dale

ps. In case you’re wondering what I did this weekend, I went to Hampton Court Palace and accidentally left all forms of cameras at home. Whoops.


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