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This past weekend, I went to Scotland where I had the pleasure to spend Galentine’s Day with my girls, and it’s certainly not one that I’ll forget.

We started off with a 10-hour bus ride to arrive at 8:00am in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is definitely something else in comparison to London. We stopped at the National Museum of Scotland, and then napped from exhaustion. We finished our first day at a whiskey bar and I discovered I don’t love whiskey.

Valentine’s Day we headed out to celebrate a true Galentine’s Day. We stumbled upon a place called Opium. A heavy metal rock bar, I like to describe it as very “Guitar Hero.” After being immensely far out of my element, we went to the place next door, Sneaky Pete’s. It was…eclectic: DJ playing remixes of groovy music and an overzealous fog machine—’nuff said.

A walk to Calton Hill for a view of the city that was nothing short of beautiful on our last day, we got our visit’s worth before we headed back to the home base. After returning to London and jumping right into classes, I can genuinely say it was hard to remember that our weekend in Scotland actually happened and needed time to recuperate.





DSC_9964-7In other news, so many things have been happening this week!

First of all, Tuesday was Mardi Gras or in other words Pancake Day (arguably more significant). What better way to celebrate than have a stack of my own at a place called The Breakfast Club? I highly recommend going if you’re ever in the area, and if that’s not in your near future head over to their site, it’s pretty nostalgic.

I was planning on giving up social media for Lent, but it was pointed out to me that “social media” includes blogging. I decided on processed sugar candy. Initially thinking of how easy that would be, I realized I have chocolate, Kit Kats, gummy bears, Skittles, and so much more in my cabinets……..UGH.


photoI also went to an abandoned Tube station that was turned into a venue for galleries, shows, and music, called The Vaults. The graffiti walls and alternative music definitely made it an experience, and I definitely want to go back again sometime.

To top everything off, it’s Chinese New Year! So Gung Hee Fat Choy from me to you, and let the Year of the Sheep be a good one. I’ll be celebrating soon enough, but first I need to get my hands on some good dim sum.

– dale

ps. because I like to share stuff:

If you’re ever going through an existential crisis (which I do on a daily basis), this site is for you. Click away!

For anyone practicing Lent, be sure to keep this in mind.


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