brighton | sunday at sea




Another weekend in London, another day trip to take. I recently took a Buzzfeed quiz on where I should go for the weekend, and I may or may not have taken its advice when it told me to go to Brighton. The Universe must have known that I was in need of some sun sea, because that’s exactly what Brighton provided.

Just a train ride away, the day started with a brisk walk to the seaside and the pier. Even though the beaches are pebble-y instead soft and sandy like those of SoCal, it was certainly nice to take a look at something other than buildings for a change.





The only thing I probably could have done without were the gusts of wind. Of course it was something to expect from being on the seaside, but I also underestimated the rain that happened. I brought an umbrella with the gut feeling that I would need it, yet I couldn’t use it without the fear of getting swept away.

All in all it was a really good day spent in Brighton, filled with marathon runners, puppies, and gigantic, fluffy scones and tea. In the end what mattered the most was that it was a wonderful day with time spent with others and just enjoying the company in such a cute and charming place (cue sappy “awwh” here).


DSC_0164-5– dale



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