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I never would have expected to go to Spain while I’m out here for the semester, but I am so glad that I did. Long story short, I absolutely love Barcelona and definitely want to go back despite my complete lack of Spanish-speaking skills (if I’m being completely honest my first instinct was to speak  French to anyone while I was there).

Let me first start with the fact that Barcelona was so, so, so pretty. It was such a change of pace from London, what with there actually being sun and all. Oh and the beach, it was definitely nice to be somewhere that reminded me of my [second] home Los Angeles. Noting that the city map is essentially graph paper and we stayed in Barceloneta, we found that we could walk just about anywhere and enjoy that much more of the city.

And of course, when in Spain you have to go to the discoteca at 2am and dance until the sun comes out—and I say that quite literally.






DSC_0563-13My weekend in Barcelona was basically me living out my Cheetah Girls 2 fantasy of being an international pop star, minus the international pop star part. I went into planning mode after watching this video from the movie, which also gave me an amazing list of sites to see while I was there. As a result, I found myself constantly asking “Am I a Cheetah Girl yet?” We even took some cool girl band album cover shots.

Something that I didn’t think about that I ended up doing was renting a bike and riding it around the city and along the beach. Not only was it a break on my feet, but it was also just simply so nice to be coasting off into the sunset.

But wait, let’s talk about the food. That’s really where all my Euros went.

The food in Barcelona is so good. So flippin’ good. I love tapas, and I love paella, and don’t even get me started on the churros. Mojitos and sangria are yummy, but just give me more of the seafood paella and we’ll call it good. We also found an amazing bread bakery that makes hot and fresh baguettes, which are quite honestly my vice—I’m pretty sure it’s a full-blown love affair between me and baguettes, even if they’re French and not Spanish.


DSC_0594-19– dale

touristy things I did in Barcelona:

Unless you frequent this vacation spot often, you can’t go to Barcelona without going to Parc Guell. Duh.

Sagrada Familia. Okay so I didn’t actually go inside because I like to save my money, but the architecture is amazing.

Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter). Part of the Cheetah Girls 2 video I mentioned.

Going to Museu de Xocolata was awesome because I love chocolate. They even have a dark chocolate bar as a ticket and it was delicious.

We stumbled upon the Parc de la Ciutadella, which honestly made me feel like I had found Paradise, the Fountain of Youth, Atlantis, all of the above.

ps. because I like to share things:

Our society has become a world of hip and trendy people, so naturally a New Yorker story would be on one and it’s pretty funny.

Because I’m constantly enamored with the fashion industry and in honor of all the fashion weeks, I want to see this movie.

An interesting take on dating from a man’s point of view from NY Mag’s The Cut.


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