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Ah, Paris. One of my absolute favorite places on this earth, and there’s still so much more of it that I have yet to experience. Plus all ze crepes and ze baguettes. It’s a city after my own heart and stomach. I’ve been to Paris three times now, which allowed me to visit places I had always heard of yet never been able to go as well as some of my favorite places in the city (along with the typical spots, because photography).

Taking the Eurostar it only seemed fitting that I watch Midnight In Paris. If only I could have found that lamp post and dived right into the roaring 20s head first, now that would be something to talk about. But of course my life is not a Woody Allen movie, so instead I visited Shakespeare and Company…twice. Anyone who knows me know that I’m a book nerd, so I won’t talk about how much I gawked at everything in there. I also finally got to see Musée d’Orsay and the wonderful paintings of the masters of Impressionism. I guess the next thing on my France Bucket List is to actually see Monet’s house.

One of my favorite parts of being in Paris this weekend though was that it was Paris Fashion Week, and even though I wasn’t actually attending any of the shows, I still felt like I was a part of it all. I stumbled upon the end of the Dior fashion show, where I saw Lorde make her grand exit, along with all the models who left the show. I have to admit I was pretty jazzed to be just another photographer getting those much adored street style snaps. Since then, I have never been as invested in the new trends and runway shows as ever and in a way it sort of reinforced that I want to go into the magazine industry.





My final hours in the City of Love were spent at the largest market in the world, Les Puces de Saint Ouen, where I found vintage trinkets, clothes, and so much more in between. I was amazed by all the different vendors for furniture, as well as just the furniture in general. I found myself shopping for the flat mansion that I will probably never own. It sure doesn’t hurt to get ideas, right? My favorite sub-market was probably Marché Vernaison, which simply had anything you could possibly think of. I’ll definitely be coming back when I’m actually furnishing my apartment.

Among the other things I did was eat any sort of street food and baguettes. I might have lost count of how many, but it’s just so easy to nibble on them throughout the day when strolling along the Seine or walking among the streets. What I love so much about Paris is not only the food, but the idea that there are so many nooks and crannies and there’s always something interesting to discover. Of course I suppose that’s the case with any old, large city.

Paris is a beautiful city at night, with all the lights and cars, there’s a sort of glow to it like nothing else I’ve seen. It sure didn’t hurt that I chose one of the warmer weekends of the month to be in such an amazing place.





– dale

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