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Hello dear friends and family! As Mother’s Day is approaching, this post is dedicated to my lovely mother, who has taught me nearly everything I know and got to spend recent days in France with me. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!!!










A few weeks ago, I had the lovely pleasure and luxury of my parents crossing the pond to visit me (we have this six-week deal or something). But since I spend so much time in London, we headed off to France. Southern France, to be more specific, and for the sake of my lovely mother (and myself) we stopped through Paris before we returned to the home base.

Nice and Marseille were both beautiful and relaxing with the ocean and fresh food markets; I was definitely in my happy place . The water on the coast is so blue and clear, it’s so peaceful dropping by and saying “hello to the sea.” The beaches, on the other hand, a much more pebbly than the sandy ones I know and love in Southern California (is it time to go back to the land of endless summer yet?).

It was definitely nice to take some time away from major cities but as mere visitors the parentals and I  soon ran out of things to do that alleviated their feet pains. So we trained our way over to the City of Lights and lots of walking, Paris! I suppose that’s what I love about living in large cities—there’s always something to do (places to eat, shopping to do, you know the drill).







Sure, I’ve already been to Paris once while I’ve been out here, and I might have considered going before Mom and Dad got here…but there’s so much more to discover in big cities once you’ve gotten past the major monuments and museums. We spent most of our time in La Marais, one of the hip and happenin’ places of the city that’s away from the touristy parts.

The area has some really cool finds; I could have spent hours just finding new coffee shops or bookstores. I may or may not have left my dad on a park bench for two and a half hours while my mom and I explored the area….but anyway one of the cooler stores I found is Merci, which is a concept store that has anything you could possibly think of along with a used bookstore. The red car alone sold me on the store. I also went to a craft store called La droguerie, where I got some sewing patterns.

The best part (as my parents and I would agree on) was the restaurant Frenchie bar a vins . I’m not sure I would necessarily consider it French, since the owner is a prodigé of Jamie Oliver, but was it goooooood. I can’t even remember all plates we tried and loved, but the funnest part of it was the open windows where we could just sit and watch the food preparation–which we did.

Regardless of what I did and didn’t get to, I still love Paris so much. I am so happy I got to spend time with my parents in one of my favorite places. If there’s anything I know for sure, I’ll be back and am definitely looking forward to finding more discoveries and good food.





DSC_1264-36– dale


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