DSC_1388-25My final big trip of the semester (by “big” I mean travel that involves a plane and that isn’t to France, which means so long, EasyJet, sayonara RyanAir!) was all the way over in Italy for ten days in Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. Due to travel fatigue and recovering from the aforementioned fatigue, those ten days blur together to an extent where if they were a painting it’d all be a very ambiguous color…BUT I definitely remember lots and lots of walking.


It goes without saying that when you go on a tour of Italy, you’re really going on a food tour of the land of pizza, pasta, and gelato (and wine, can’t forget the wine). One of my favorite dishes was a chocolate linguini with cooked smoked salmon and an orange sauce, which wasn’t as sweet as you’d imagine at all. Actually, most of it tasted like the smoked salmon and a little bit of the sauce.

I also had so much pizza, and it was good everywhere I went. I can’t even pick out a specific kind I had because they were all so delicious. I amazed myself at the fact that I could eat full pizzas in that capacity. Now I just want more.

Don’t even get me started on gelato—long story short I enjoyed as much gelato as I could before we headed home. I heart gelato like a mad woman.









Venice was absolutely gorgeous, and to make it all the more adorable, it’s shaped like a fish. I couldn’t help myself from taking pictures down every single canal. The most I can say about Venice was simply how beautiful it was and so full of character and charm. I’m really glad I got to stay there briefly.

We rode the train into Florence in hopes that we’d be able to see a lot of the Tuscan countryside, but for the most part we only got short glances in between all the mountains. Florence was probably my favorite. It’s just so calm and peaceful there, especially along the river where we spent an evening eating our gelato. The best part about being in Florence was all the history, which was fantastic because I took an art history class for that time period…not that I was throwing out my fun facts everywhere we went.










My favorite part about Rome was visiting the Colosseum, since the idea of gladiators fighting to the death is really fascinating to me. I’m not sure if I really had any preconceived notions of Rome as a city, since I’ve been there once a while ago. Yet I was still hoping that the Trevi Fountain would be beautiful and pretty and not under renovation. My hopes of reliving the Lizzie McGuire movie were only a little smushed, because I still threw some coins in; it just wasn’t nearly as charming.

In Naples, we spent a day in Capri and another day at the archeology museum since we didn’t get a chance to go to Pompeii, but at least we could learn more about it! I’m partial to port cities, so Naples was a good one to finish off with. Plus, whenever I had coffee, it was pretty frickin’ good.





DSC_1529-63– dale

In completely unrelated news to Italy, I have been taking my last month (less than a month!) in London/Europe quite leisurely. Last weekend I spent the day with some friends outside of my program hiking along the coast of England near Brighton, which was absolutely beautiful, unreal and filled with sheep.

ps. because I like to share stuff:

If anyone has ever used Pinterest, this will make you laugh so hard.

A very interesting and in-depth look at nail salons in America.


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