When I initially crossed over the Atlantic and planned out every place I was considering traveling to, Wales was most certainly not on that list. We planned this trip around the Hay Festival, a literary festival that takes place in South Wales. Hay is a small town known for having over 30 used bookstores, so it was a bookworm’s Heaven.

My favorite part about being at Hay was simply the atmosphere. Reading, much like writing, isn’t always the best activity while spending time with others, or traveling with others for that matter. However, everyone around me was reading, and that seemed to make it all okay. If there’s any way that someone can be a social introvert, it’s reading with other people in complete silence.





Another benefit of going down to Wales was that the festival also takes place pretty close to the national park. We walked up the Brecon Beacons, the highest point in the area. Man, my lungs suffered a little (but I promise it looked notably less of an incline from the bottom). The next day we headed over to Sgwd Henrhyd—the Great Waterfall. Fun Fact: Sgwd Henrhyd was used for the Bat Cave in “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises,” one of my personal favorites. I was kind of freaking out.

While I love seeing nature and getting away from the city now and then, it wasn’t just hiking or reading or all the sheep (endless sheep) in Wales that made this trip fun. Oddly enough, it was fitting three people into a small tent and just being with each other. We weathered a storm in that little thing, along with read each of our own books snuggled up to each other. If that’s not bonding, I’m not sure what is.



DSC_1639-17– dale




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