polaroid fun


It’s August—AUGUST?!?! Naturally, like plenty of my friends, I’m freaking out about how fast time really moves and trying to figure out my life. I have absolutely no idea where this summer has gone. I suppose taking a class, having a job, another job and spending time with friends would make sense, though. When I think about how fast it’s gone by, I imagine a time lapse sequence where everyone and everything moving and shifting around me while I’m standing still.

The farther I get from my time abroad, the more it seems like a dream. July went by in a flash and BAM! I’m in August. I can hardly fathom the fact that this month is going to go by even faster. One of my roommates said she believes each year goes by faster than the last; it sure feels like it.

Scan 2


Scan 1

Scan 3

Scan 4

But aside from lamenting for the past, I got another camera!!! It’s not entirely new, since I got it back in the spring thanks to Papa Chong. For me it’s more of a toy than a camera, but a camera nonetheless. Despite my personal levels of comfort, this camera is a camera that demands attention; I mean look at it.

I haven’t been able to take as many pictures as I’d like to, mostly because while I’ve been here I’ve just been living. However, on some of my little adventures this summer, I’ve been taking snapshots and it is so much fun. Definitely a short process since the image doesn’t just shoot out like the Polaroids we all know and love, but man is the quality fantastic. I’ve been pretty stingy with each shot though, since I only get one chance..but isn’t that the beauty of the art? Maybe that’s why I love film so much—you savor each moment you capture. Perhaps I need to start applying that thought process to my everyday life.

– dale


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