shifting waves


Have you ever told yourself that you’d be an overachiever and work on things before they need to be done, or that you’d finally get around to things that have been pushed to the back burner? That’s me, right now—except I didn’t get anywhere.

I think I am [yet again] experiencing my quarter-life crisis. Not that the crisis has every really gone away…right? Everyone is asking me if I’ve started applying to jobs yet. While I remind the way of the journalism industry and its immediate-hire system, I’ve also begun telling every inquirer simply, “No, but I’ve started telling myself that I need to start applying in about a month.” I need to mentally prepare myself. Anyway, that quarter-life crisis I mentioned. As graduation quickly approaches, not only am I mentally hyperventilating about getting a job, but I’m beginning to wonder if writing is what I want to do—great timing, I know.

I’m taking a majority of studio art classes this semester, which means that I have the opportunity to dedicate nearly all of my time to creating stuff–that might mean taking photographs, designing things using Adobe Creative Suites, or even creating the simplest of things for other projects. That means I get to use my hands to make all this with the intent of having some sort of outcome, and then of course my mind is just bursting with all these ideas for visual things.

In my design class we just went over Paul Rand’s “Design and the Play Instinct.” Essentially it’s about how designing is related to all the games that we’ve known and loved, but there’s also this idea that design should be fun–it should feel like “play.” Apply that to other aspects of your life and you’ve got the romantic ideal of the pursuit of happiness (I think). Among the many clichés about doing what you love, there’s also the sense that others should be able to tell that you’re enjoying what you do. Maybe that’s only with the creatives.

Either I’m trying to motivate myself or my thoughts wander elsewhere in any given situation, but I’m attempting to start something new. I already carry a notebook with me everywhere and I use it for everything. But I’m going to start simply writing down the things that I like or cross my mind or that never seem to leave. Hopefully, I’ll remember to put them up here and this will ultimately serve as an inspiration blog. That way you, dear reader(s), can also be inspired as well as peer into the mind that is mine.

Don’t worry, I’ll still write about my life. But I think this is going to be fun.

– dale




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