j’ai rétournée


Hello dear reader!

It’s been a very long time, and I am both apologetic and deeply impressed if you have either stumbled upon this blog or have been keeping up with me from the beginning on some level or another. [sidebar: while I’m not sure I can promise to post regularly, you can keep up with me by subscribing via email! Just an FYI]

Despite my sincerest apologies for quietly abandoning this blog for an enormous chunk of my adulthood thus far, I am and will remain to be completely unapologetic about what I post. No, no, it’s not anything bad, I promise. However, I’ve found that even in my personal, handwritten journal, I self-edit. I mean, obviously I’m going to try to make everything as succinct as I can, but I strive to remain candid. Perhaps that’s the editor in me that goes a little crazy and just can’t stop, but I also feel as though it’s a part of being in such a culture where we constantly have to filter ourselves, otherwise we’re seen as unfit for society.

A lot has happened since I last came on here to rant about my worries in life (i.e. I got a job. It’s an editor position in the beauty industry, if you were wondering). It’s beginning to set in that I actually live in Los Angeles, though I’ve been here and out of school since May. Overall, everything is feeling more permanent, which is simultaneously relieving and unsettling.

I also created a portfolio site, where you can check out my happenings, whether it’s writing, photography, design or anything else. To be perfectly honest, everything is there but the overall style and design isn’t quite where I want it, so I’ll share that when I feel that it’s ready. It’s on Squarespace though, and I’ve spent so much time wrestling over moving this shindig to have everything on Squarespace at once, or keep my blog on WordPress. I welcome your thoughts in the comments for discussion.

Most of all, I really want this blog to become a collection of the things that are inspiring me, whether it’s my thoughts or pictures I like. I mentioned this before and never got around to it. Just as a log for myself than anyone else. So here we go (again!).


p.s. one of the main reasons I’ve made my return is that my apartment just started the Whole30 challenge. More on that in the next post.


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