a candid look at whole30: day two


  • 3 hard boiled eggs (one was meant for lunch)
  • chia pudding


  • forgot to eat my leftover butternut squash pasta
  • snacked on macadamia nuts and almonds


  • lemon garlic baked tilapia filet

So far, Whole30 hasn’t really been that tough. My original diet isn’t too far off from what this looks. However, instead of breakfast it’s snacking, and instead of snacking on nuts it’s probably some type of sugary treat.

Any sort of hunger I get I feed with my nuts.

With all that being said, it got a little hard once I started being social. The way I see it, Whole30 is really good for when you feel like making your own meals all day long. But when it comes to gathering with friends, it gets a little tricky.

I ended up going to watch The Lego Batman Movie with some friends, and luckily no one ended up get any sort of concessions. But beforehand, one of them wanted to grab some food. I had to explain that I wouldn’t be able to actually eat with him, more so sit next to him while he eats (this was when I explained that Whole30 is essentially cutting out all that is delicious—of course I did mention that it’s supposed to reset your body and overall be really good for you. His response was simple, “That’s so LA.”). We got caught up in some great conversation with my roommates, and ended up being a little late to the theater a little late, so we figured we could hold out until later.

Since we decided to attend a late movie, which meant getting out around midnight. Given that I hadn’t eaten since around 6:30 or so, I was just in the cravings mindset. The words “milkshake,” “pretzels,” “french fries” (pretty sure I can eat those), “tacos,” ice cream, etc. all came tumbling out of my mouth. Said friend was no longer hungry, so we both went home.

While I had a moment of weakness, I think a lot of it came from the idea of getting late night food. I also noticed that I’m more inclined to look through my pantry or fridge if I have nothing else to do (literally nothing). That’s interesting.

So I survived a night at the movies, but what am I going to do when I go to Disneyland?!



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