a candid look at whole30: day four


  • 1/2 grapefruit


  • macadamia nuts and almonds
  • gluten-free quiche (from a free lunch. don’t blame me if I accidentally ate something forbidden!)
  • left the intended two clementines at home….


  • pure acai bowl with strawberries, bananas and coconut shavings
  • pressed juice including cacao, almonds, and other things that I can’t remember but were definitely whole30 compliant

today was an absolutely unexpected amazing day.

Started off cleaning out and reorganizing my closet, church and a free lunch. I’ll leave out the boring details. The weather is so great right now considering that it’s been essentially raining for weeks.

My roommate and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and decided to hike the Temescal Valley trail near Malibu. While we nearly got a parking ticket during the process we were getting our parking pass, we met two dudes who seemed super chill (who also dealt with the struggle of a near-miss parking ticket). They ended up hiking with us for the afternoon, followed by a trip to the pressed juice shop (can it really get any more “SoCal” than that?). To also note, we explained to them the entirety of Whole30 and they politely restricted our dietary restrictions, saying we’ll have to join them sometime for food once we’re not on this.

While we had our juices, roomie and I were still craving the acai bowls we had originally planned for our post-hike reward. We ended up driving to K-town and ate those.

Okay actually, if you’re reading this it probably doesn’t sound like  a great day. But it was quite serendipitous and just an overall lovely day. I’m okay with that. Especially with the fresh fruit, sun and juice.

I suppose we’ll see how the next week in the office will look for this challenge.


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