a candid look at whole30: day six


  • kale chips from day five; a little soggy since I put them in Tuppeware before they were cooled completely, but still tasted just fine.
  • Clementine
  • 2 hard boiled eggs


  • leftover garlic tilapia filet
  • 2 lara bars – I can totally make these at home; I have before.
  • Chia pudding with cacao nibs
  • What was left from my pressed juice
  • Cashews


  • french fries — lots of french fries.

Thoughts from the day:

10:26AM – I. Am. So. Hungry.

11:10AM – Why is it that all I want is gooey pizza.

11:11AM – Pizza on pizza. That’s all I want.

2:29PM – Why must there be so much chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

By the way, today is Valentine’s Day, which happen to make today a terrible day to be on Whole30. Cupcakes, chocolate, desserts, all in the office and all of which I cannot eat.

On top of that, I went out on Valentine’s Day! Luckily, my dates know I’m on a strict level of dietary restrictions. We went bowling, which of course has all the food I cannot eat once again. The only thing I could order were plain french fries. Not even the sweet potato tots (cinnamon and sugar coating)!!! I was just a little sad.

Of course, when you go bowling you just want beer, pizza on top of pizza, and classic American food. Luckily I think my conscious worry of failing this relatively simple challenge kept me from caving. But oh, was it hard. It was tough simply avoiding a granola bar because it had chocolate in it. Ugh, I miss chocolate.



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