a candid look at whole30: day eight


  • a sample of bulletproof coffee: butter in coffee. I actually would do this on a regular basis.
  • Sugar-free kombucha from a Daybreaker event in Hollywood.
  • pressed juice with kale, spinach, pineapple, apple, lemon, from Juicero; the packet was called Sweet Greens.
  • NOTE: All of the above from the Daybreaker event.

I forgot my lunch when I was running from one job to the next……

But I did buy a drip coffee from Starbucks to get my parking validated. Couldn’t have much of that without getting jittery in a matter of minutes.

PRAISE GOD. I left a small amount of chia pudding with cacao nibs and blueberries in the office fridge.

5:30pm: I am. STARVING. All I wanted was Chipotle (which I will add is Whole30 compliant, just not what I get and I only get one sort of combination). Just wanted cheeses and rice.


  • 1 Larabar


  • Two fried eggs
  • Two strips of bacon
  • Sweet potato fries as well as some of my roommate’s french fries in a diner.
  • Mixed fruit
  • 1 Larabar

I was at this event put together by Daybreaker for one of my jobs. It was really cool. An early morning start with a 6am yoga class followed by lots of goodies from healthy foods companies (well, they advertise themselves to be healthy, so I hope they are).

Good vibes, nice people. It was fun.

Maybe it’s just where I’m at in this challenge, or that my friends are eating savory, cheesy foods around me. But it’s getting harder.


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