a candid look at whole30: day seventeen

As I sit here typing this out, I take this moment to ask myself why I’m doing Whole30. I mean, I’ve already admitted that I haven’t been very strict about it, which is kind of contradictory to what Whole30 is all about.

I have no rhyme nor reason to be on Whole30. My roommate was planning on doing it, as well as my other roommate, so I decided to join in on the fun (if you can call it that). I understand that Whole30 is about resetting your body after not eating in SUCH a clean manner. Or restricted, for that matter. I’m not doing it for weight loss and aside from being more awake in the morning and more aware of what I’m eating, I don’t really need to change my diet.

I was having this conversation with my roommates about whether or not I’d still keep this going, and while I probably should have reset and started back at day 1 multiple times, I’m going to continue this in the same vein. I’m going to try to be more strict on Whole30 and what I’m eating from here on out, but I’m not making any promises, and I didn’t make any before.

I know that I want to do this again and do it right. Maybe I’ll just start it again randomly and you’ll be able to read all about it once again, where I struggle, I slip, fail, try again, who knows. Next time I have to legitimately plan out my meals. But who enjoys that?! I love the spontaneity of a nicely cooked meal that you’re in the mood for.

I’m getting off topic. I’ve probably said this multiple times already, but I’ve discovered that aside from dairy and sugar, I kind of ate this way to begin with. I don’t eat a lot of bread despite my love for it, I don’t eat a lot of legumes. My conclusion is, I think I could be MOSTLY paleo at this point. I’m not going to give up ice cream or cheese or candy. Screw that.

What I like the most out of Whole30 thus far is that I do appear to be more awake than I was before. I also feel better simply knowing that I’m eating healthier and trying out new dishes and cooking more. Also getting out of the habit of relying on bars. Gotta stop with those and eat them when I’m in need of a snack when there aren’t any other options.

Anyway, here’s what I ate today.


  • grapefruit
  • hard boiled egg
  • scrambled eggs with spinach – left me full for quite a while.
  • coffee
  • banana


  • salmon filet from a meal prep Monday night.
  • sweet potato chips
  • RXBar
  • Green tea
  • Apple

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