a candid look at whole30: day eighteen

okay, so if you’ve been following along this far, I don’t have too much further to go. HOWEVER, you’ve probably noted that apparently I didn’t really read anything about Whole30 before I started this (I mean, I didn’t at all). Oops.

There’s a moment when you realize that you probably should have done that, because THEN EVERYTHING YOU’VE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST EIGHTEEN DAYS IS A LIE.

I am unashamed and unmoved by this. But no more orange juice. I did attempt to peel a grapefruit rather than traditionally slicing it in half.

grapefruit battle.jpg

This weekend has been a really good one, filled with activities and new discoveries that I felt as though I had finally gotten a weekend to myself (TBD since it’s Sunday). As per day fifteen, I’ve been setting a goal every day to wake up earlier, and have a more intentional morning. Yesterday I got up at 6:30, today at 7:00ish. I feel great.

I’ve already had my hot water with lemon (this might become a thing), done 1/2 of an errand, gotten dressed for 10am yoga, and am now currently writing this blog. Yesterday, I went to 8am yoga, brunch with a friend on the East side, took a trip to the LA Art Book Fair, dropped off some film at this adorable kiosk (obviously got some merch too), stopped by a friend’s pop-up shop (her brand Calle del Mar is absolutely stunning, and if you love all things fun, I highly recommend checking it out), and finished the night with a girl’s evening in with The Bachelor and You’re The Worst (we sprinkled Keeping Up With The Kardashians in there as well).

beachwood cafe.jpg

Beachwood Cafe in the Hollywood Hills.

fotomat 1.jpg

Dropping off my film!


Professional photographers would stand in as guest clerks to sell limited edition prints as well as film.

I like weekends like this.



  • hot water with lemon
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • banana


  • samples of fruit at the farmer’s market
  • unsweetened apple chips
  • salted roasted plantain chips from the same vendor
  • Rx Bar
  • Salmon filet from previous meal prep


  • a couple of grapefruit slices
  • Steamed mussels in ginger with roasted brussels sprouts
  • more apple chips

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