work in progress

I’m sure I have a post titled this already, but whatever.

I am currently sitting in the dark of my dining room while I patiently attend to my teriyaki chicken. New York times told me to grill/broil for 3 minutes per side. I broiled. It’s still raw. So onto the frying pan it goes.

Anyway, doing Whole30 made me realize how much I enjoy blogging. Or, rather, relentlessly typing without editing myself. It’s kind of fun. Of course is anything ever truly unedited these days? We’re constantly editing our social media feeds, our thoughts; we filter ourselves before we say things out loud. I digress.

My point being, that I really enjoy writing. Even if it’s just my random thoughts. I once listened to a podcast with Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, one of my favorite blogs, and her advice was to journal about everything, even if it’s a weird, stupid thought. With that in mind, I find myself to have a number of blogs/publications of my own. Much like the journals and notepads I have been hoarding my entire life, each one has its own purpose and voice.

Some of my blogs I’ve abandoned, moving on to a new purpose or idea. Others, I didn’t love to begin with. Mind you I’m only 22;  though I have a good grasp of the character that embodies me, I’m still finding myself. I have a life to live.

Pause: I had to tend to my chicken. Didn’t want it to burn, but that whole salmonella thing doesn’t exactly appeal to me.

I have a portfolio site that’s currently in the works. I’ll reveal it when it’s all finished, I promise!

But until then, look out for posts happening on here until I get everything else settled. Think of this blog as an unedited journal of sorts.

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