a candid look at whole30: day twenty three


I am so close. SO CLOSE. That’s all.


  • hot water with lemon
  • apple pie larabar
  • cashews provided by my parents


  • steamed sole
  • sweet potato with ghee


  • chicken breast



a candid look at whole30: day twenty two

This was a busy day, so I can’t exactly remember any thoughts I had in particular other than “I. Am. So. Close.”

Perhaps I’m just providing myself extra torture by watching videos of how pastry puffs and donuts are made. But also, I really miss baking. Be it sweets, or bread. Just essentially working with the ingredients I’m not allowed to use at the moment. Ugh.

Yep. No profound thoughts from today.


  • Hot water with lemon
  • Plantain chips
  • Almonds
  • Kumquats – deceivingly sour


  • Blueberry RxBar
  • Mussels


  • Coconut chocolate RxBar
  • Ground turkey Kiley cooked
  • A little bit of the fish I meal prepped for myself
  • Hot water with lemon


a candid look at whole30: day twenty one

Let me begin with this: Thank you dad, one of my two confirmed readers, for pointing out that I mistakenly typed “oysters” when referring to my seriously meaty mussels from day eighteen.

Anyway I’m less than ten days away from finishing this thing! However, despite my ever-growing list of baked goods I want to eat (and PASTA) once this is all said and done, I really am starting to imagine what it’s like to live more like this and eat this way.

Maybe it’s the coffee I had earlier this evening, but I’m actually finding myself to be much more enthusiastic about life. Okay, that might be a bit of an over exaggeration, because life is also pretty good right now, if I say so myself. Perhaps it was my mini morning yoga session that was all about yoga for productivity and focus, but I’m feeling more driven right now career wise, but that could also be because I just received a copy of Drift Magazine, of which I contributed (!).

No automatic alt text available.


Anywho, I woke up around 5:40 naturally this morning, drifted back into a nub of being half-awake before my 6am alarm went off. For about five minutes I contemplated if I really wanted to get out of bed before I did so. I’d also like to note that after my industry event last night, I was exhausted at 9pm.

I was able to fit in a quick 10 minute yoga session along with reading for 30 minutes, so I’d say that was a pretty productive morning! Of course there are also the daily accomplishments at work, so I’d say today was an overall successful day. The only thing that brings me slightly “down” is that my neck hurts a bit, but that might be because I did a tripod headstand this morning. It feels good to be active and productive so early in the morning!

Back to what I was eating though. I stuck with my food! Had a bar, but whatever. I tried ghee for the first time, and I’m on board with it, because it kind of tastes like cheese in a vague manner. Would be down to use it again on my food, when it calls for it. It’s a little sharp, which is what I like about it.

I have no idea if I’ll actually go back and read all of these posts. More likely not, but I’m sure there’s a difference in my tone as I’ve moved forward with this little challenge. I’m feeling more excited about everything as I continue to track this. I guess we’ll see what happens!


  • Hot water with lemon
  • Plantain chips
  • Pistachios
  • RxBar


  • Kale chips
  • Mussels
  • Apple with almond butter
  • 2 date/almond/coconut bites made by roommate Kiley — these are SO tasty. Highly recommend making some.


  • 1 microwaved sweet potato with ghee

a candid look at whole30: day twenty

I am currently typing this from my bed at 9:30pm. I’ve been laying in bed reading since 9pm until I started feeling myself fall asleep. So here I am!

I don’t have much to say aside from the fact that the habit of getting up earlier and earlier is working for me. I spent my extra time (got out of bed around 6:10 and took my time to get ready) reading Swing Time by Zadie Smith, which is the first book of my book club we’re reading! I’m the president, if you wanted to know. Feel free to join along in the fun and let me know your thoughts.

We went out for a team lunch today since one of our members is switching jobs. It was bittersweet, but really good to bond with everyone. It was a hefty meal, so I really didn’t eat much afterwards and once again wasn’t hungry for dinner. Sue me.

Aside from that though, I also had an industry event to attend. With work events, they typically involve drinks and small bites and hors d’oeuvres and whatnot. Looking at everything, my first thought was, “oh, I can’t eat these because I’m on Whole30. But I want them so bad.” However, within a few minutes I realized that a lot of the cravings come from the idea of not being able to have them, but also simply because they’re there, free, and ready for the taking. What a revelation, no?

Even though I’m getting close to the end of this challenge (man, that was quick), it seems as though my eating habits have somewhat affected others. My limitations can sometimes affect where we eat, what we eat, and more. Not drinking has also been affective. After feeling guilty because they want to go to things and places that I can’t partake in, I don’t feel bad about it because I feel good overall, and I really do hope to keep these habits up afterwards. I think not having the limitations might actually be better for me in the long run. We’ll see. What were to happen if I stopped drinking? I don’t drink much to begin with, so would it really make a difference if I wasn’t making the “I’m on Whole30 statement?” What if I cut out most sugars? LOL that’s not happening, but I really don’t think that would make a difference either.


  • hot water with lemon
  • kale chips meant for a snack later
  • pistachio nuts
  • plantain chips


  • HEFTY beef patty at team lunch
  • sweet potato fries
  • Larabar

I will eat the remainder of my mussels soon, I promise.

a candid look at whole30: day nineteen

Hold up!

I realized I finished my blog post from yesterday without putting up a picture of my delicious mussels, which were actually quite easy to make. Feast your eyes on this (they were surprisingly meaty, so never mind going to a restaurant for them again! JUST KIDDING).


Weeee! Cooking, taking pictures of my attempt to plate food in a pretty manner is super fun. I’m getting more excited about cooking as well as eating well.

Today started off well. I’m working my way up to waking up at 6AM, but we’ll see how that actually pans out. Getting out of bed at 6:20 (woke up at 6:15), I had enough time for a quick yoga stretch, get ready for work and dashed out the door!

I won’t bore you with the details of a day in the life of me at work. It was a slow day, and so cold that my office turned into a cozy haven in which I dozed off while watching a video about how pastry puffs are made.

Oh, that’s the other thing. I’m getting so excited about cooking these fun and exciting meals that I’m really starting to miss baking. So much that I’ve googled how to make a sourdough starter, making baguettes, watched videos on how to make cakes and vegan Thin Mints. I want to make soufflés! Ah. Wishful thinking until March 11, when I can officially start eating things Whole30 cuts out. But will I want it by then?

In the meantime, I’m accumulating a list of foods I want to make/bake/eat when I’m done.

  • Cookie Butter ice cream from Trader Joe’s
  • Chocolate Souffles
  • Cookie Butter
  • Bagels
  • Baguettes
  • Croissants
  • Apple Turnovers
  • Tofu
  • Chinese food
  • Mexican food
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Crepes

The list is growing, so I’ll be sure to keep updating you on the cravings!


  • Hot water with lemon (this is becoming my “thing”)
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Salt roasted plantain chips


  • Mixed fruit
  • Sea bass from when I made it last week
  • Raw almonds
  • Apple


  • date bite that my roommate made
  • plantain chips for snacking
  • pumpkin seeds

I was planning on having more mussels today, but I’m not really hungry as I sit here thinking about preparing them. Guess they’ll be for lunch tomorrow!

a candid look at whole30: day eighteen

okay, so if you’ve been following along this far, I don’t have too much further to go. HOWEVER, you’ve probably noted that apparently I didn’t really read anything about Whole30 before I started this (I mean, I didn’t at all). Oops.

There’s a moment when you realize that you probably should have done that, because THEN EVERYTHING YOU’VE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST EIGHTEEN DAYS IS A LIE.

I am unashamed and unmoved by this. But no more orange juice. I did attempt to peel a grapefruit rather than traditionally slicing it in half.

grapefruit battle.jpg

This weekend has been a really good one, filled with activities and new discoveries that I felt as though I had finally gotten a weekend to myself (TBD since it’s Sunday). As per day fifteen, I’ve been setting a goal every day to wake up earlier, and have a more intentional morning. Yesterday I got up at 6:30, today at 7:00ish. I feel great.

I’ve already had my hot water with lemon (this might become a thing), done 1/2 of an errand, gotten dressed for 10am yoga, and am now currently writing this blog. Yesterday, I went to 8am yoga, brunch with a friend on the East side, took a trip to the LA Art Book Fair, dropped off some film at this adorable kiosk (obviously got some merch too), stopped by a friend’s pop-up shop (her brand Calle del Mar is absolutely stunning, and if you love all things fun, I highly recommend checking it out), and finished the night with a girl’s evening in with The Bachelor and You’re The Worst (we sprinkled Keeping Up With The Kardashians in there as well).

beachwood cafe.jpg

Beachwood Cafe in the Hollywood Hills.

fotomat 1.jpg

Dropping off my film!


Professional photographers would stand in as guest clerks to sell limited edition prints as well as film.

I like weekends like this.



  • hot water with lemon
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • banana


  • samples of fruit at the farmer’s market
  • unsweetened apple chips
  • salted roasted plantain chips from the same vendor
  • Rx Bar
  • Salmon filet from previous meal prep


  • a couple of grapefruit slices
  • Steamed mussels in ginger with roasted brussels sprouts
  • more apple chips

a candid look at whole30: day seventeen

As I sit here typing this out, I take this moment to ask myself why I’m doing Whole30. I mean, I’ve already admitted that I haven’t been very strict about it, which is kind of contradictory to what Whole30 is all about.

I have no rhyme nor reason to be on Whole30. My roommate was planning on doing it, as well as my other roommate, so I decided to join in on the fun (if you can call it that). I understand that Whole30 is about resetting your body after not eating in SUCH a clean manner. Or restricted, for that matter. I’m not doing it for weight loss and aside from being more awake in the morning and more aware of what I’m eating, I don’t really need to change my diet.

I was having this conversation with my roommates about whether or not I’d still keep this going, and while I probably should have reset and started back at day 1 multiple times, I’m going to continue this in the same vein. I’m going to try to be more strict on Whole30 and what I’m eating from here on out, but I’m not making any promises, and I didn’t make any before.

I know that I want to do this again and do it right. Maybe I’ll just start it again randomly and you’ll be able to read all about it once again, where I struggle, I slip, fail, try again, who knows. Next time I have to legitimately plan out my meals. But who enjoys that?! I love the spontaneity of a nicely cooked meal that you’re in the mood for.

I’m getting off topic. I’ve probably said this multiple times already, but I’ve discovered that aside from dairy and sugar, I kind of ate this way to begin with. I don’t eat a lot of bread despite my love for it, I don’t eat a lot of legumes. My conclusion is, I think I could be MOSTLY paleo at this point. I’m not going to give up ice cream or cheese or candy. Screw that.

What I like the most out of Whole30 thus far is that I do appear to be more awake than I was before. I also feel better simply knowing that I’m eating healthier and trying out new dishes and cooking more. Also getting out of the habit of relying on bars. Gotta stop with those and eat them when I’m in need of a snack when there aren’t any other options.

Anyway, here’s what I ate today.


  • grapefruit
  • hard boiled egg
  • scrambled eggs with spinach – left me full for quite a while.
  • coffee
  • banana


  • salmon filet from a meal prep Monday night.
  • sweet potato chips
  • RXBar
  • Green tea
  • Apple

a candid look at whole30: day sixteen

Today has started out pretty good. Woke up, was alert like I mentioned in Day Fifteen. Put a little more effort into my morning routine, since we’re taking head shots today in the office (which means I can’t come to work with a bare face…although I still did that but brought my makeup with me).

In general, I try to plan my lunch/attire the day before to save time since I don’t give myself enough to begin with. As I said, a longer morning is a little more relaxing, and all-around more enjoyable for me. I boiled some water and planned on making tea, although remembering I have head shots, opted for some hot water with a lemon so I wouldn’t stain my teeth.

With all that being said, I didn’t have time to enjoy this morning drink at a leisurely pace, so in the car it goes.




  • Hot water with lemon as mentioned above.
  • Spicy cacao almonds
  • Larabar out of boredom x 2


I’m currently craving girl scout cookies. I’m sorry.

  • Pistachios
  • 5 scallops with whole30 bacon from day fourteen.
  • banana
  • hard boiled egg


  • seasoned sea bass that I baked
  • more almonds
  • two glasses of orange juice – oh my god, I realized that DRINKING fruit juice doesn’t count…I have a lot way to go the next time I do this. ah fuck it.
  • olive oil poached shrimp because my friend needed food and she didn’t want to be the only one eating despite me having already eaten by then….ugh.


a candid look at whole30: day fifteen

I’m giving myself a pat on the back for getting to this halfway mark. Given, if you look at the past few posts on my Twitter feed, I’m still craving everything that I cannot have, along with the things I haven’t mentioned on my feed.

On another note, yesterday I talk about how I haven’t felt any difference in my body. Most people talk about how they aren’t crashing in the middle of the day during that 2-3pm slump. I can’t say I’ve taken the time to notice that just yet, but I have noticed that over the past couple of days, I’m more awake and alert when I wake up.

To explain that a little more, I’m an early riser. My first alarm goes off at 6:15am. My second alarm at 6:30am. And my final alarm, which is more or less a “you need to be in your car now” alarm, at 7am. I’m not saying I pop out of bed right at 6:15. It’s cold out of the covers, but I am at least pretty awake. I’ll stay in bed and close my eyes until the next one, but within a few minutes I’m up. Before Whole30 I’d probably stay in bed until about 6:45, which can really push it in my mornings. But I do have to say, it’s really nice to have the extra ten minutes, even if I’m leaving the house a few minutes earlier or around the same time.

Last night I talked with a co-worker about how she wakes up even earlier to get in a 15-30 minute yoga session, and I think I might give that a try. Some of my friends and/or roommates might think I’m insane, but after doing the Daybreaker event, I realized how much I enjoy starting my mornings early to take some more time. It’s a habit I’ll have to easy into, but it might be a good one.

On a slightly related note, I’m also not having AS bad of cravings. Mind you, they’re still there.

Anyway, here’s what I ate:


  • Spicy cacao almonds
  • Hard boiled egg


  • Pistachios


  • Salmon filet from meal prep
  • Banana with almond butter

dinner with a friend:

  • pork cutlet
  • 2 Larabars because I wasn’t sure if I could eat anything at this restaurant.

halfway through! I’m going to buckle down (or at least try) for the second half.

a candid look at whole30: day thirteen

sry for these back to back posts on top of each other because i am a busy gal.


  • Tiny Tea
  • LOTS of macadamia nuts


  • Chicken breast
  • Almond butter from Trader Joe’s
  • Fancy paleo cookie butter from Erewhon (ingredients were whole30 compliant despite whole30 encouraging you not to make/eat sweet things made with OK ingredients. whatever it was delicious)

Despite my “slip up” with the cookie butter, I feel like I’m doing okay. Still feeling some food and appetite fatigue though. Must get better at this.