a candid look at whole30: day twenty nine


Okay, so to be fair, I’m ready to eat real food. But I’m sorry Whole30. I don’t mean to just cast you to the side as we get through the end of this together.

Anywho, As I’ve said for the past ten days, I have no profound thoughts that I’ve already said in these blog posts. While I’m keeping up my habit of getting up earlier every day, I’ve put morning yoga to the side until I’ve finished my book club book (I’m the president, which means I should probably finish it by the time we get to our TBD meeting point).

For some reason I’ve been wanting to get into my yoga practice more and more again. I probably didn’t write about it for a while I was actually really into it, but I was considering becoming an instructor once upon a time. So I’ve been asking former teachers for advice, hopefully something comes through! Will keep you posted 😉

I got the most adorable bento box in the mail today that I’m forever going to use as my lunchbox instead of bringing a dingy Lululemon sack to work (it served me well until now). I have pictures of it but I’ll share that tomorrow because I’m too tired to upload them now.


  • slice of turkey
  • an entire bag of pistachios (I’m only slightly ashamed because I think it can be agreed upon that the pistachio is the most addictive of all the nuts)


  • ground turkey
  • cauliflower rice


  • three strips of Whole30 bacon.

I told you I went back to eating random foods to keep me full.

one more day!

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